Burning a .bin file on a CD

I am trying to burn two .bin files (each 500-600meg) onto CDs. I have searched the web for information, and have found plenty, unfortunately none of it works. I am using Nero I’ve tried to burn an image file, but XP won’t open the file once burned, it’s as if there is no disk in the drive. I have also read you have to first convert the .bin file to a .cue file, however I don’t have any software to do it…

Any help would be appreciated.

Try CDmage. It will let you see what’s in the BIN file. There’s quite a few download sites out there, here’s the first one that came up on my search:


Good luck!


I believe you need BOTH the bin and the cue files?

That’s correct. The CUE file is a text file that tells the burner software the BIN sourcefile name and mode information. The BIN file contains all the data. The nice thing about the CDmage program is that it will let you extract files out of the BIN file. Sometimes the CUE file is directing the burner program to burn a format that your PC cannot read. So, you can use CDmage to extract the MPG file, or whatever data files that are contained in the BIN file. Then you can burn to a compatible format.

Depends on what the files are, do a websearch for [color=black]‘Daemon Tools’[/color], virtual CD drive, may do what you need.

The .cue files are in the .bin file, however the .bin files I have are too big to open in notepad or other software to check to make sure the path information has been deleted. I downloaded a copy of CDRWin, but for some reason I couldn’t make an image file to burn, I could copy it but not as an image file. So I tried testing an imagine file. Interesting enough the software began running immediately, so I figured why not go ahead and just install it from CDRWin. Unfotunately during the installation process I got several errors, I finished installing the software anyway, can get it run now, but it crashes and closes everytime. My guess is there is something corrupted in the .bin file and I need to download the file again. Am I right?

JeffG: You can use Daemon Tools to mount the .bin file on your HDD without burning it onto CD (and wasting a disc).
click to download Daemon Tools

how to create your own .cue file
open notepad
type this in EXACTLY! yes, even the spaces (except change the .bin filename to your filename):

FILE "name-of-bin-file.bin" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE2/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 MODE2/2352 INDEX 01 00:06:00
save as name-of-bin-file.cue and you’re done - now copy that .cue into the same folder as your .bin file

next, use Nero to burn your .bin image onto CD
(click recorder > burn image > select your newly created .cue file)
BAM! you’re one happy camper :wink:

I recommend using Daemon Tools first, you can mount the image onto your HDD and use it as if it’s a real CD-ROM.
Then you can test if the CD image (.bin file) is worthwhile, and not corrupt.

good luck, PM me if you have any problems - i’m experienced :sunglasses:

Da Bian, I will try your suggestion next and last. I have already wasted numerous disks and lots of time.

The latest is I used CDmage, uncorrupted a few hundred files and then copied everything to disks. Installed the program with great success. Unfortunately it won’t run, it’s telling me to insert the correct disk and then run the program again. As far as I know this software does not need the disk to run the software. I don’t it.

I will try using Daemon Tools on Monday and see what happens, if it doesn’t work I think I’m going to give up, I really think there is a problem with the origional .bin file but we’ll see. Thanks for the suggestion, will try and get back to you.

is it a game by chance? maybe you need a cracked exe to skip cd check… or laser lock check or whatever copy protection it has… use daemon tools though its great… or grab alcohol 120% it is similar to daemon tools buts allow you to burn/copy images… i dunno which one takes more resources though

oh these invalid sessions are a pain in the rectum! :imp:

if it’s a game, you will most likely require a no-cd patch - PM me :sunglasses:
applications are somewhat similar, others may need a registry crack - PM me :sunglasses:

Alcohol 120% is the resource hog.
Daemon Tools is a piglet.

They are excellent programs. I use them both and have always had happyness ever since I discovered them. :smiling_imp:

ok, enough out of me. I think i’ve broken enough rules…heh sorry mods :wink:

As an FYI, CDRWin is well-known to deliberately burn defective copies (“coasters”) if you try to install it with a fake serial number. You can use it in demo mode (restricted to 1X burning), but if you try to crack it and don’t get it right, the author exacts revenge by having the program pretend to work while burning defective disks until you give up.

I don’t really blame the author for that, but I’m pissed off at him for a number of other reasons. I actually paid for my copy, but I refuse to pay for it twice just because I had to reinstall – and his serial numbers are time-locked; you can only (re)install for a year after purchase. Same with tech support, doesn’t matter if you never had a question for your first year of ownership (I didn’t), you either pay again or forget about getting an answer. I think that sucks.

you might also try isobuster

Thanks for all your help. I have pretty much given up on the issue. Though if I pick it back up again I will try the suggestions mention. I may need to burn other .bin files in the future so it’s nice to have the information avaialble. Thanks again!!!