Bus accident on Keelung and Songde road? (Around Taipei 101)

I just saw a pretty weird sight a few hours ago. I was driving down Keelung road and I saw some police officers guiding traffic around a bus. The bus was all taped of with caution tape and some peoPle were looking and crawling underneath the bus. There were some other vehicles there but I didn’t get a good look. I did see that the police were the ones that drive the big bikes so it must have been important. The strangest thing was someone was burning a big pile of ghost money next to the bus. I think I might have also seen some cameras but I went by pretty fast so I didn’t get a good look.
Any idea what happened?

Dix, from the sound of it someone went under a bus. Ghost money means a death.


I watched this on the news last night. Apparently someone was pulled under the bus and got s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out by it. Quite a painful death by the sound of it.