Bus - Aloha bus shut down

Today, when I passed by where the Aloha bus Hsinchu station used to be, I was surprised to see it demolished with only a pile of rubble standing. Looking online, it appears that they’ve shut down “temporarily,” with an eye toward restarting operations in a bit less than a year. But with this demolition of what was a quite nice little station, it seems to me a restart is unlikely.

Having taken their busses a few times in the past Hsinchu-Banqiao, I remember being somewhat disappointed with their later route changes and schedule adjustments. Before this shutdown, they were running north-south busses with stops in multiple cities, correct? What would be some reasons why they were done in? They claim it’s from COVID, yet other companies seem to be surviving.

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Damn. They were the only buses that had full reclining seats for sleeping in at nights.


That’s what most businesses do when closing down, putting up a sign saying ‘closed for 5 days’ or so … to never reopen again.