Bus to Kenting April 2/2011

Some friends and I will be going down to Kenting for Spring Scream. Due to the lack of cheap and convenient ways to get down to Kenting, we have chartered a bus down for the weekend. We have priced it out, and the cost per person works out to 2000 NT round-trip to Kenting. The bus will leave Saturday morning 8am, and come back Tuesday morning. A stop in Taichung to pick up those interested is possible as well. We have about 19 empty seats right now, first come first serve!

Hi there. So where are you located now? I have five people (including myself) who are looking to bus down. I’m fairly positive I could round up more people as well. I believe all of us would be coming from Changhua City (about half hour from Taichung). Would there be a possibility of meeting at the Changhua Train station as well? We are very interested and really don’t want to have to deal with trains and public buses there and back. Please send me a PM and let me know.

I’m in Yilan and also have several people who are interested in going. Are there still seats on the official bus? I’m guessing not if you posted this.
What route would you take, ie, would we have to meet in Taipei or could you make a stop in Yilan?
And more importantly, can I bring my surfboard with, will you be going round trip, and will the bus be around during spring scream for us to keep stuff in (sleep in)?

Yilan is out of the way. You’ll have to make it to Taipei. How many of you will there be, we might be able to find you accommodations for the night before. Surfboard should be ok, it will have to go underneath with the bags though. Not sure about sleeping on bus, will know more on Saturday. Please email me for more info, I don’t check this forum often.

This is a super idea. I went last year by public transportation and it was a huge hassle. Will be emailing you for more particulars.