Bush nominated for Nobel peace prize?


You want a real joke – both Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jimmy Carter brokered the Egypt-Israeli peace accords, which have held for over 25 years by now. That’s not a joke. He may not have been the best president for the U.S., but he definitely earned that Nobel Peace Prize.

Israel and Egypt had been holding lengthy talks prior to any intervention by Carter. But, as always, being the selfless person that he is, he naturally has never failed to take credit for it as one of his proudest moments ever since. Though, it may have encouraged him to continue his “peace-loving” efforts by abandoning the shah in 1979 and we all know how that turned out. A small minority of Iranian dissidents hijacking the process and installing a totalitarian government whose weakness encouraged Saddam to think that he could get away with a land grab. Then of course Carter’s weakness encouraged the Soviet union to resolve the Afghan problem when they were not taking advantage of his weakness to foment communist uprisings in Angola, Mozambique, Nicaragua, El Salvador among other places. Oh yes, what a peace-accomplishing man this weak, wouldbe martyr wouldbe messiah has been. I just wish that he would “save” himself for his own "martyr"dom though I would not mind watching.

So under his watch, the most peaceloving man we have ever had in the White House, 2 million deaths result from the Iran-Iraq war and then another 1-2 million maimed, but let’s not forget the lack of action in SE Asia (though not entirely his fault) which resulted in another 2 to 3 million deaths and then the whole mess that started in the 1970s ended up in hundreds of thousands killed in Central America before the allure of communism died out. So hmmmm how many total deaths under the EVIL Reagan or foul George W. Bush? Just to see by way of comparison…

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I know, it’s not even funny anymore, really! Let’s search some people who really deserve this award, pleaaaaase!

anyone can be nominated, right? let’s nominate CSB for his peace loving reerendum. whoever sits at the table mediating the long overdue peace treaty between china and KMT is gonna win one.

didn’t kissinger get one too?

[quote=“skeptic yank”]
didn’t kissinger get one too?[/quote]

Yes he did in 1973,
The bloke who get these prices sometimes really DON’T deserve it.

Check out this list,


Aung San Suu Kyi certainly deserved it. I cannot think of anyone who has voluntarily given up as much as her for the benefit of others. She is a saint. :notworthy:

Sympathies to Suu Kyi for having had essentially zero success. Of course, if she’d actually gotten anywhere, the Nobel committee would have probably awarded the PP jointly to her and Ne Win.