Business Cards / Name Cards -- Need some made

Where’s a good place to go to get some made?

and What would someone normally include on their card here?



…and What would someone normally include on their card here?

Company Name & Logo
Company Number
Phone / Fax / Email

One side English, the other one Chinese.

Dammit Rascal, you beat me to it. But, to make the cards more oriented for the Taiwanese business community:

  1. Ensure the English has loads of spelling mistakes in it. Pay particular attention to getting the company’s English name wrong.

  2. Make sure the fonts you use are so incredibly small that any person trying to read the details will get a migraine doing so.

  3. Pick a particularly garish background color that clashes with the corporate logo.

  4. If you really want to go to town, ask you printer to choose a non-standard paper size so that nobody can put your business card in with all the others in their desktop business card holders.

First rate suggestions. Also, make it of plastic so it’s useless for roach paper.

Sure, it’s easy to figure out what to put on the cards if you have a title, company, fax, etc. But I think he may have been asking what to put on ones cards if one doesn’t have all that yet and is looking for a job. Just a name and hotmail address looks pretty lame. :?

I used to have name cards, when looking for a job, being a student etc.

As far I remember, the layout was:

Title (BA)

One side in English, one side in Chinese

If it’s spaced a bit out, it looks OK.

I used to use my Wordperfect templates and print camera ready at 600 dpi then have it printed by my local printer (at home). It saved me (and my employer) more than 50% in printing costs.

Where can one find a printer who will do this here in Taipei, inexpensively?

I’d be interested in bookmarks and business cards.


I designed the business card in word (3 colours) and gave the disc to the printer. Photo develop shop on the corner of Linshen North Rd and Long-an St. 350NT for a box full.


  1. Ensure the English has loads of spelling mistakes in it. Pay particular attention to getting the company’s English name wrong.[/quote]
    Getting your name wrong opens even more avenues for creativity.
    I saw cards once for a guy named ‘Frank’, misspelled as ‘Fraud’. I still kick myself for pointing it out…

But on topic, just about any local print shop will be able to do simple namecards at low price. There are also plenty around now that also do full color cards by photocopy at a few NT$ each.

Would this be anywhere near (or between) Mintzu and Minchuan?



turn right off mitsu into linshen north road.
walk down on the right side to the 711. Turn right into Long an street.

2nd or 3rd shop on the right.

This is so funny because I used to live in that area and I would walk past that place on a daily basis.



If you visit some fancy stores and restaurants, you can collect some good business cards to get some ideas from. But make sure you dress up or else people will pretend you are not there.

It’s far easier to carry a pen, pref. a permanent marker, and write your details on their forehead, backwards, so they can read it in the mirror.

Perhaps have your card made into a full body tattoo and remove your clothes to show your information. It is guaranteed that people will never forget you.

Ok but seriously the previous posters advice is pretty good - Please if you are smart don’t take my advice… If not, please read the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for what happens as a result of following my advice. It works for me but it may not for others. If you receive any personal injury as a direct result of following my plan then I hope you have insurance because I won’t be paying.

oh yeah I forgot - always add an e-mail address and a cool website if you have one.

Hey all,

I need some help, I am kinda dreaming up a biz idea and I need some cards made. The problem is I do not have any art work ready, but have an idea of what I want as my “logo” . I have 2 questions…

  1. Do any of you know where to get good cards printed at a reasonable price?

  2. Does the company do the design of the card, or do I need to find someone to make it camera ready?



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I just asked a couple of days ago
5 box for 200 NT
I wanna make some of my own.


I saw some really fancy shop that does it by Sogo. The building is right across the street from G2000, The Body Shop and L’octanne. The shop is on the 3rd floor, where all those little shops are at… Sorry, trying to help but I do’nt know the name of the building. :blush:

I had some name cards made about 9 months ago at a store on ChingQing Nth Rd (pretty sure it was Nth), named “Mingpian King”. I found out about these guys through THIS website, as they were mentioned on a previous thread at the time (just do a search to find their address).

After farting about for about 2 years, I finally designed the image for my card (Corel Draw, Photoshop or even Paint will do the trick) and then put it onto disc. One of the people working there edited the picture (simplified it a little, after they changed the image format), which implies that they do have graphic designers, although none could speak English. It took them a few days to complete the job, though I told them I was in no rush. Based on past expereince, I expected a few error, but everything turned out great!

I chose a plastic business card and designed my illustration/logo to use 4 colours, on both sides of the card; it’s almost “wedding card” quality, and I think 500 cards cost about $800. In hindsight, I probably went a little overboard, but it was the 1st time I’d designed my own business card and I wanted it to be really creative! It could have been made much cheaper, but I recall having no gf at the time, and hence, nothing better to do with my money… :wink:

Anyway, sometime this year I’ll redesign the card, as I have a few new ideas. I’ll probably go back to those people at Mingpian King.

Here’s their phone number: 2558 3150.


The Big Babou

Looking for a reliable and professional business card printer in downtown Taipei or Zhonghe/Yonghe area.

Thank you.