Business/Management English in Taiwan

Hi folks. I did a quick search on this from my phone but didn’t come up with much. I am interested in understanding if there are many/any schools in Taiwan which focus primarily on Business or Management English. If not is it possible to find positions focused on this stream of English teaching in normal schools? Or are these kind of opportunities limited primarily to one-on-one tuition?

There are schools (if you can call them that), that offer business/management English, but it is a crappy job.

There is zero continuity, as you will only work when the school has a client, which you only get told a week in advance if you are lucky.

Therefore it is almost impossible to work somewhere else, as they dictate the hours.

I interviewed once for this type of position for school offering this in Taipei.

They called me a month later saying that they booked me with Procter and Gamble, for one of their managers every Friday for 3 months.

When I informed them I was now working Fridays, they were shocked, and told me how unprofessional I was.

I had no contract with them, never discussed salary etc etc. This was the first contact I had with them since a single interview.

I questioned them as to why they did not check my availability before actually hiring me out. That was the end of that.

And running around Kaohsiung in summer dressed business casual. No thanks. :no-no:

This type of teaching sounds like the top end of the market. Believe me, it is the bottom. :thumbsdown: