Business Travel show looking for KKH Expat

Hi, I’m Stephanie Lee from The Moving Visuals Co., a TV production company from Singapore. We are currently producing an English series called Business Class II for our local broadcaster Channel NewsAsia and the series is on business travel. Essentially the show is about highlighting key business cities, its business culture, traditions, landmarks as well as expert views on the business arena. Along the way, we will feature dining options for entertainment as well as R&R choices. This series will be screened throughout Asia and the Middle East on Channel NewsAsia.

We are looking for 2 business expats living and working in KKH to feature on our show. The interview topics are: Business landscape (an intro to KHH major inudstries, what trade relations/ benefits of doing business in KHH, etc) and Business culture (What is it like to work with locals, what traditions/ customs should be observed, etc). Interviews will be held in English.

Production period is 12th to 14th Nov 2008. Interested business expats, please email me at for more info. Deadline is 31st Oct 2008.

Thank you very much!

What is a KKH expat? One that frequents Orchard Towers, Geylang :thumbsup: , and SPG hangouts with the “kiasu” spirit and has all the 5 C’s?