Business trouble

Ok I agreed with a friend to open a pool store together…but then I changed my mind and phoned him right away, actually the next day I phoned him…but then he said that he was actually going to sell all the equipment yesterday but because I agreed to open new store with him so he didn’t sell it, and he stored the equipments in warehouse…and the problem now is if he was going to sell it in the actual pool store it would worth more money to the buyers but now since it’s in the warehouse it only worth about 1/5 of the original price…so he said…now when I agreed with him to open it together it was over the phone and no witness was around…well maybe his gf was near the cell phone and maybe can hear it but no contract was written or any money was exchanged…so am I liable for anything since I agreed verbally and am I in anyway responsible for his losses? if he actually lost anything…

Did you agree to the stuff being moved to the warehouse?

ya I did but I said to him I am not sure if I will join in… I am still deciding

ok he called me and recorded the conversation of me say I agree to do business with him ,but then next day I changed my mind. Will that hold up in court? someone help

Did you know you were being recorded?

nope didn’t know

I imagine that your word is your bond and if he can prove what you said to be true to his stance, then you are liable.

But are recordings made without your knowledge admissable in court?

Plus, what would he be liable for exactly? Sounds like a pretty loose case to me.

But then I no nothing about this kind of thing.

Maybe you should change the title of the thread to show that you’re looking for legal advice, and post it in the right forum.

Yes in Taiwan (coming from a nonlawyer that doesn’t actually know much about the Taiwan legal situation… Maybe I should just watching this one :blush: )

I dunno, but if there is nothing else than your verbal agreement (recorded or not) to start a business together I don’t see how he could hold you liable for the lower selling price because you decided not to join.
Not keeping your word and the trouble it’s causing now may cost you your friendship, but it depends entirely on you how you continue to deal with that. If it’s a good/close friend and you value your friendship you may have to bite the bullet and compensate him.

However I would also want to find out if he does indeed have a recording and if his statement about the lower prices is correct, because if he isn’t a good friend it could be possible that he may just want to rip you off.

I don’t know he used to be a good friend…helped me with a lot of stuff but the more I think about this I think he is just out to get me and messing with me…from the beginning he was rushing and rushing…last THursday he told me about the business plan and he was checking out the store…and told me to go check it out…but I went the next day Friday and he asked me to join him…and told me to respond in one day…I thought about it for few hours then called him right back on Friday evening. But then decided not to join on Saturday and called him at 9am.

Saturday afternoon he said he wants to come over and talk about it…then 20 min after his arrival he had his moving trucks at my door step. moved all the things to my place…took about 30pings of area…and this was after 3 calls of saying I don’t want to join him!

I called few people and they all say exactly like what Rascal said…you need contract and not just verbal agreement…I don’t think I have to worry much even with the recording…well how do I find out if he does have the converation recorded…I mean it’s his fault, he should have me signed contract and everything then he can call to not sell his stuff.

well what I need to worry about now is his stuff taking up my space and I can’t rent it out. I already told him to move it or I will start charging rent from Wednesday…then his reply is I need to pay for his losses lol…I think he really is going to sue me…i am expecting lawyer letter like tomorrow or Wed.

The stuff is at your place now!? More trouble me thinks …

And how to find out if he really has a recording? - Ask him to play it to you.

Sounds to me like he’s taking my advice in the “gays keep hitting on me” thread. He’s got ahold of your package and is giving it a 360 degree twist, metaphorically speaking. Question is, are you going to let him? If it were me and the guy’s being as much of a dickhead as you say he is, I’d give him a quick phonecall to tell him that you need the space NOW and that he has 24 hours to move his stuff or it goes out on the street.

well, I sniff something dodgy.

Who would record a conversation like that in the first place, remember this was when you were still on ‘good terms’ with him?

I reckon it’s 1 of 2 things. Either the recording doesn’t exist (my guess) or if it does, then surely he was up to no good then, and this deal was always going to go sour, in his favor.

Rascal ya the stuff is here…what kind of more troubles are there now?

I called him to get his stuff out asap and he said he doesn’t know when he will move them. Then I say I will start charging rent on Wednesday…it’s a lot of stuff 2 big trunks moved them it took about 25 pings of my area. I can’t just move them to street. Maybe call the cops and have cops call him? I have his brother’s number maybe I will call him to see what’s up with him…he wasn’t up to no good since the beginning

If he was once a friend, then I would try to resolve this in a civil manner. Getting cops involved or turfing shit on the street is only going to end in tears…

Yup, I agree… though don’t let him try to take advantage of the friendship. Be firm.

See, that’s a communication breakdown right there – you’re not ASKING him WHEN he’ll move his stuff. You’re TELLING him to get it moved QUICK. You need to make that clear to him.

Working things out in advance with lawyers and everything has its advantages when speaking of partnerships.

Can’t you explore your avenues for taking possission of the stuff?

I think you been had.

Remember. If someone is asking you to make a decision in a hurry, then it’s most likely NOT in your benefit to do so. So say NO, immediately.

If you say no first, then you change your mind (possible), you may find that it is still possible to reverse the decision. But you avoided a bad risk.

If you say yes, and things go bad! Then, well, it’s more difficult to get out.