Business work in Taiwan with JFRV?

Is it legal to work in business if you have a JFRV? Or does the two years of experience rule still apply?

If you have applied for a new ARC based on your JFRV, you should be fine AFAIK.

Fine, fine indeed. No problems there.

Sounds like good news! Thanks

Why would it not be? I owned 49% of a company in Taiwan for years… never had a JFRV or a work permit back in those grand ole days.

I’ve never held a work permit in Taiwan for the 20 plus years I have lived here.

Yes, it’s fine as long as your ARC is updated to be JFRV based. Running a business and residency and working rights are all different things.

There are some weird things in the law as Satellite TV said, when I was a student I was legally allowed to operate a business here, in fact it’s okay as long as you don’t pay yourself directly, you can hire yourself but need a minimum capital and revenue which is almost impossible…but you can open a business, take money in and out as much as you like and be a registered director and conduct business transactions. I’m sure it may have raised a few eyebrows when I was doing my foreign exchange transactions with ‘student’ written on my ARC!
Don’t take my exact word for this as I can’t remember the specifics …