Busking Application

Does anyone know where I can find an application to busk? I’ve learned that the city of Taipei requires that you apply for a license. There is a website where you are supposed to be able to download the application, but I keep getting an error message. The website is e-services.taipei.gov.tw/hyp … id=013063#. Does anyone know of another website or perhaps a location I can go to so that I can get an application to busk? Thanks!

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I have the same question about busking in Taipei. I am wondering if you need to have APRC to qualify, and if the permit is site specific - as in, can I pick a lonely area in the city to jam out for spare change? Not really too interested in heavy traffic areas.

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One should have an open work permit. Additionally need a permit from the local government for performing on the street.

Theoretically others without OWP could get a work permit from an artist association, but I have no information on that.

Here some relevant article:


if you are on work based ARC, you can register as a street performer without another work permit for that. You need the registration, and should perform at some certain places allowed to do street performance. Some places you need to reserve to use, some places are first come first use.

you might want to check if busking (getting money) part is really ok at NIA or WDA.

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thank you!

You could look into the artistic work permit.

thanks for the beta and the support. I read the article 46 jobs included, and it appears that having a work based ARC teaching English qualifies.
Now to navigate the permit process and figure out where I can/want to perform.