Busted ovens and/or DIY heating elements

I’m looking for an old, peice of junk oven that i can cannibalize for the electric elements and wiring, controls. I want to make a top heater oven much like the broiler in a regular western oven that will heat up plastic sheets so I can drop them down onto a platen and vacuum form some plastic stuff. The world needs more plastic junk, I know. Either that or a nudge in the right direction to where can buy this stuff, or have it made for me.

I have seen below some really great ideas. thank you and keep them coming.

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As for the oven thing, they’re not that expensive to buy new. I’m sure you could find something for the right price and more suited to your needs. Unless you’ve already looked… You could try one of those places that sell secondhand shop equipment. They might have a suitably sized old and cruddy looking oven. Those kinds of stores usually have all their display refrigerators out the front.
What are you going to vacuum form?

Easy cheesy mate, You need a heating element and control right?

Temp control: Go to Xinzhuang Nova and the big electronic shop behind the escalator to the side should have a variety to choose from

Heating element: Grab a telephone book and look up 電熱, you’ll find a long list of shops and at least one of them should have what you want. They might even have the temp controls there too.

You can also use a dimmer switch to control a heating element

There’s a Nova in Xinzhuang? Could i have better directions, please?

I don’t really need much of a dimmer switch, as long as i can get the elements to heat a large rectangle about of about 16 x 24 or so, evenly, at around 500 degrees or so, and especially at the corners. I’m hoping to pull various plastics including abs (if i can find it) pvc, polystyrene, polycarbonate, and others that are textured or colored.

I hope to be making RC car bodies, interesting light fixtures, and other stuff. I made a small prototype with a little home vac and my little kitchen oven and it’s really fun.

It’s across the street from the new Carrefour in Xinzhuang, where the old Carrefour used to be.