Buy footlocker/trunk for summer storage & freight forward?

Where can I buy a footlocker/trunk? & Any recommended storage/freight forwarding vendors?

I’ll be in Missoula MT, US studying for the law bar exam. My university here asks for 2-year commitment & not sure I want teach until 2007.

So I might return to ROC in September or might look for law work in US. I thought it would help in hedging my bets if I could safely store a footlocker worth of household effects and books.

It would be here if I returned or it could be freight-forwarded to US. Thinking on, there’s little of value–dishes, glasses, EFL books. Does anyone have cost-data oin storing personal effects? Any ideas about shipping costs to US?

Maybe it would be wiser to give away everything generic and replacable and take advantage of airline allotment of 2 suitcases/bags each up to 70 KG.

Many thanks,

Richard Lawrence Moss

Taiwan ROC

If you figure any of that out… please share.

I haven’t found anything about personal storage businesses.

I think just shipping stuff is the best bet. I’ve heard it’s inexpensive, but can’t get any “real” info on it.