Buy micro (teacup) piglet in Taiwan

Do you know where we could buy micro/teacup piglets in Taiwan? I’m looking to buy 3 of them as pets.
Thank you for your help!!

I have never heard of them. Please tell me more?

There are several types of pigs, and teacup/micro pigs are the smallest ones. Many people in the US keep them at home as pets. We are considering that type of pigs as pets, and because of space limitations, it could be better to have the smallest ones. If there are no micro-sized pugs here in Taiwan, have you hear by any chance from where could we but the smallest ones?
Thank you for your help!!

But I thought dogs are the best?

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I like all types of animals!:blush: When registering I couldn’t think of a better user name haha

In seriousness, I don’t think this is a very good idea. I’ve only ever heard bad things about micropigs, which pretty much never stay as micro as you think they will.

Maybe buy a plot of land and get a little herd of pigs to keep outside instead.


We’d be mostly keeping them outside. We have a small farming area where we would keep them next to other farm animals.

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The Taitung Animal Propagation Station

My guess is these people would be the first to ask about acquiring the pigs, but actually getting an answer from them may be a different matter.

There really is no such thing as a teacup pig, micro-mini, Juliana, etc. Miniature pigs are mini compared to a domestic farm pig that can reach 600-plus pounds. So-called teacups are actually potbellied pigs who are either underfed to stunt their growth or who are sold under false pretenses.


I have really got to input some firsthand knowledge here. I had Vietnamese potbellies as a teen. One was from a breeder, one was a rescue. We got one as a piglet and one as an adult. I have to say that they were delightful pets. Cuddly, clean, didn’t smell, well behaved, and very smart. We didn’t stunt their growth. These animals were genetically smaller. I lived on a 10 acre avocado grove (yes, envy me) and my pigs got PLENTY of calories (as did I). One got pretty fat too where her belly would drag, but she didn’t grow larger; she was a fat little pig.
If there are ethical issues to research, I get that you should do your due diligence, but stating that it is a hoax is bullocks. No I didn’t read the articles.

Why keep pets w farm animals?
Mine slept in my bed w me. Bed Hogs indeed!

The point is that the breed lines are not stable. It takes many generations (assuming a one-year breeding cycle, at least 8-10 years) to get a consistently small pig, and some breeders just can’t be bothered with that. Basically, some micro pigs end up being a lot bigger than micro.

The OP might try looking into recognised breeds such as kunekune. These have been genetically small for hundreds of years.

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