Buying a coffee/cappuccino machine

What the actual hell? What is the import tax on coffee machines? They are all like 50 percent more expensive than Amazon.

Anyways My budget is around 8000. Any suggestions? Are there any models made in Taiwan so I don’t have to pay the stupid import tax?

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I have an integrated grinder and drip coffee machine probably cost 3000nt I think . Works great and foreign brand too
But if you are looking for a decent espresso machine of course it will cost you more.


I don’t know if it’s still available at the CostCo near you (I think they weren’t planning on restocking it, but I’ve still seen a few left in the northern Kaohsiung CostCo), but I bought that $5000NTD Electrolux espresso machine with the wand and have been fairly happy with it (and still going strong a year later).

There was definitely a “learning curve” to making a latte that tasted good, and it still takes about 15min to make a cup every morning (hand grind the beans, froth the milk, clean everything up), but I’ve really kind of started to enjoy the morning ritual.

  • I’m no coffee snob though, and think that my lattes taste pretty similar to 711’s – I’ve certainly had better coffee elsewhere, but it’s hard to say how much of that is the machine vs skill and bean quality

The grinder is actually more important than the espresso machine, especially at the entry level. (There are some hand grinders that can help reduce the budget. However, you have to really like coffee to go that route.)

You could look at entry-level Gaggia and Breville espresso machines. Yes, they’ll be more expensive than buying them in the US. There’s no way around that unless you buy used. I’m not aware of any decent espresso machines manufactured here, but there are grinders and roasters.

Remember to buy decent quality beans roasted (and blended) specifically for espresso.


I often have very good home brewed coffee, it’s probably 50% about freshness (both since the roast and being freshly ground ), 25% the roast (light or heavy ) and 25% the beans. I ascribe little to the grind or machine itself.

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Grind is of lesser importance to drip coffee machines. It is, however, of paramount importance to espresso.


I had a Delonghi EC155 back home (along with a Baratza burr grinder) and I was ready to get something much better here but 40000 ntd for a cappuccino setup is waaaay over budget. I’ll probably just settle for Lattes I guess.

A latte is just a cappuccino with more milk and slightly less foam on top. The same beans, equipment, and procedure are used to produce both.

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Lol. Yeah I meant Cafe au lait.

OK. Got it.

Still try to buy the best-quality equipment you can within your budget. And buy fresh beans from a roaster, not from a supermarket. People think espresso and cappuccinos are somehow the epitome of coffee. Brewed/filter coffee can be pretty awesome when done well, too.


I absolutely love a cold-brew in a french press with lighter-roasted beans – my problem now is that I had to cut back to just 1 cup a day to not get random headaches twice a week.

The only decaf coffee I’ve been able to find in Taiwan is some nestle instant coffee at PxMart which is… acceptable as a quick drink but I’m hoping to find something a little better

Costco usually stocks a 10-cup Cuisinart with a thermal carafe, although I don’t see it at the moment on the Costco Taiwan website.

If memory serves the Costco price was around nt$2,800. I bought one in 2007, in the US, and used it daily until 2017, when I moved to Taiwan. I paid US$80 in 2007. Likely Costco will bring it (or an updated model) back this fall.

It worked fine for me. It made exactly 5 mugs of coffee. The only issue I had was the carafe wasn’t as airtight as I liked, and in the winter I might have to zap the last cup in the microwave.

I’ve been drinking coffee daily since like 1972, and am hardly a coffee snob. I have no interest in an espresso machine or anything fancy. If I were able, I’d probably go back to a US$25 Mr. Coffee in my house today. They work fine. ymmv.

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Any suggestions for good coffee machines?

I don’t use an automatic-drip machine. I do pour-over in either a Kalita Wave or Hario V60, or else iced coffee in an Aeropress.