Buying a road bike in southern Taiwan

I’d like a bicycle for ~50km rides plus longer touring trips, especially mountains, if I can find the time. Tainan is the nearest city. It isn’t easy for me to get around so I may not be able to shop around a lot or to go further to Kaohsiung. I’m not sure what to seek, maybe Giant Defy or Giant TCR.
price < NTD 70000 (much less for Defy or used)
M-L frame size (56-57-58cm)
mechanical disc brakes
Which shops around Tainan might best serve a customer who does not speak Mandarin?
I would consider buying a used bike. I don’t see M-L size in used listings on FB Taiwan bike market & anyway I would hesitate for ignorance of both Mandarin & bike evaluation skills.
Are there factory outlets or does one need a connection for that?
Thank you.

I help sell used road bikes and can help size the correct frame for you. I can easily get you something good in your budget if you’re willing to make it up to Taipei to my bike shop sometime.

Thanks for your reply. Since the time I wrote, I’ve acquired a bike in Tainan. I’m impressed with images of your shop. If I go to Taipei I will try to visit your shop.

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