Buying a Tyre Valve?

Anyone done this?

I’ll try asking the local mechanic, but they get a bit sulky when you don’t give them any work so I’d prefer a retail spares option if that is possible in Taiwan.

If I have to go to a tyre shop I’ll probably just get another overpriced used tyre. This one is almost done anyway, even by my standards.

You could snip one off the bicycle inner tube from that bike you harvested the other day, just needs gluing to the rim. Will certainly take the pressure as bike tyres run about 60-110 psi anyway

Try a back ally scooter shop, i needed a replacement one a few months ago and he had a draw full.
I think most scooter shops will have them (it cost me 50nt by the way)

Fairly sure your local tire shop will sell you what you need, otherwise skirt around the valve cap ads and buy online;輪胎氣門嘴


For example