Buying and mounting TV to wall

Planning to buy a TV for the first time in my life and not sure how to go about getting it mounted to a wall.
I’m looking at a 32 or 40" screen which we want to mount to a rather “light” separator wall in our apartment.

Is that usually a service that the electronics shop provides or do we buy the TV, the mounting part and then look for a third party handyman?
What’s your experience?

I had a serviceman do it, but mine was 65". 32 or 40" is significantly smaller and lighter, so you may be able to do it.

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Ask the shop if they do installations.

Or any handyman should be able to do it. It’s not particularly hard.

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Costco will do it.

A 40" screen will look tiny on the wall though. I’d go at least 60".

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In my case, installation was negotiated at the time of purchase. Got a 65" on a fixed bracket and am generally satisfied (though I feel that an even larger screen would have been better).

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When I bought the tv, the delivery guy suggested to mount it to the wall for safety. It was like 2k more.

How much did Costco charge for the mounting?

I know the yellow 3C stores charge anything form 1000-3000 to mount the TV to the wall. Most B&M places that sell TVs will have this service. Just ask!

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Thanks for the responses!
So probably asking the shop for assistance is the way to go.

Our wall probably only has one stud and it’s on the side, so we probably need a solution like this:

Do the shop handymen usually come with stud finders and an offer of various mounting brackets?

They said 1200 I think but the contract guys that came to the house only charged 700.

I really like the mount they sell at Costco, lots of extension and tilt. Brown Bear I tonk it was called.

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You should probably mention that first because most houses here are reinforced concrete.

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If it’s plywood walls, the problem is in Taiwan they do not follow any standard with walls like these. The studs can be any distance apart in any orientation! So you may have to do a bunch of poking around to find the stud.

The reason there are no standards is because these are not load bearing walls. In the West those walls are load bearing (most the time) and so the standard is critical if the house is to stand.

You may have to pick the mount ahead of time, but in most cases, they do come prepared to mount it.

That’s good to know. Judging from the sound and feel when I knock on the wall, there seems to be one vertical, “stronger” area that I guess could be a stud or concrete pole. Should be good enough for a 40 inch TV I guess? Around that area it seems to be plywood. It’s not a load bearing wall, that’s for sure.

Sometimes you may need to add external reinforcements to hold a TV. It won’t look good but those lauan studs holds screw about as well as MDF (meaning not very well). If you got a brick wall then that is the way to go.

Thing is in Taiwan anything load bearing will be cement.

Good anchors would probably be fine for a 40". Modern TVs are so light.

Yeah, probably just 6-7kg.

Did your landlord agree to wall mount? What do you do when you move out?

Fill it with putty and paint.

Yes, it was a dry wall and the spot was a common “tv spot”. When moving out we just took it off the wall. Didn’t fill the holes. They were ok with it.