Buying camping gears in Taiwan

I searched and coudn’t find a dedicated thread on this topic, there are a few advices here and there but I thought I’d start one with the sole purpose of disscussing camping stores, gears and materials availabe in Taipei and around Taiwan.
Rating stores and reviewing them could be of great help for us campers. Stores loaction, service etc… could be helpful as well. If the topic already exists, then please merge it to its correct htread.

Many people I know reckon that Oasis is the most popular camping store in Taipei and others suggest that the little stores along Zhong Shan North Road near the train station are better and cheaper. Where do you guys get you gears? In a dedicated store or do you shop around for your camping chairs, table, sleeping bags etc…

Just for the benefit of future searchers, there is a thread on where to find camping gear over in the WCIF forum. Please post responses there.