Buying English board game in Taiwan

Hiya Forumosan…

Lately I’ve been in board game craze…
I’m interested in buying a boardgame called bang!
However I can’t find English version of the game…

Is there any place to buy English version of board games? Especially bang! (Any version is ok but prefer the vanilla one)

foung it 2nd hand in English for 100NTD

or 630NTD new


I checked on Shopee earlier too. I saw the second-hand one but it looked pretty worn from the photos so I didn’t suggest it.

I didn’t find the other one…but isn’t that the German edition?

Loads of sellers of the Chinese-language versions though. Might even be easier to go with that, given that the game seems mostly picture- and rule-based… (perhaps with a printout of English translations for the necessary Chinese bits).

Or I guess Amazon.

my bad.
You are right.
It’s German.

Today is Prime Day in the US. If OP hurries, there might be a Prime Day deal on Amazon for it.

A little expensive but this shop in Taipei has many English language games available. They also deliver through 711 I think (I’ve only bought in store)

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Don’t worry if you can’t find it. It’s not that good anyway :sweat_smile:

I remember I liked the dice version more than the original. Although there are better games that can cover Bang niche. Many of them fully language independent.

PS. Don’t go too crazy buying games at the beginning (easier said than done)

Board game geek has a very useful item for “language dependence”. Great for figuring out whether it matters if I buy a game in Chinese, or how likely I’ll be able to play the game with my wife and in-laws.

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such a shame that it was German edition not English,
However its still cheaper than the Chinese version hence ill reconsider it; especially since ill tape english texts all over those cards.

oh yeah? it thought BANG was quite nice; easy to learn and its deep enough for strategy making

went to their website; the original bang is out of stock

Wow really? I saw it last I went to the store in person