Buying men's shorts and pants in Taiwan

Can anyone give me advice on buying men’s shorts and pants in Taiwan? I am a medium in the US, and anything from any store marked M would fit me perfectly, and I used to buy shorts and pants without even trying them on.

I know that clothing sizes here are one size smaller. By that logic, one would assume that anything marked L would fit me perfectly here. Here are the issues I run into:

At H&M, anything marked M fits me perfectly (WHAT? I thought I was a Large in Taiwan?), but I hate H&M. The most common sizes for the nice looking items are always out of stock, and when things go out of stock, they just say “too bad!” and don’t get new arrivals until the next year.

At Uniqlo, all pants marked M fit my butt and thighs perfectly, and the length is also perfect, but I can’t zip up. If I go with L, the waist fits me perfectly, but then I have a ton of extra fabric hanging off my butt and thighs, and the pant legs are too long.

Any shorts I buy from any store (except at H&M) seem to have extra fabric on the inner thigh area (or maybe not enough length?) causing the pant legs to flare inwards, and flap around and slap each other when I walk.

Any shorts I buy that are L (except at H&M) are too long and go past the knee, but any shorts I buy that are M are the perfect length but too tight around the waist.

I haven’t tried Zara or GU, as I don’t like their styles.

Where do most Western men here buy their shorts and pants? Price and quality don’t matter. At this point I’d be happy to just find some that fit me without going to the tailor (I shop way too often to be spending extra time at the tailor shop).

Have you tried NET?牛仔褲


Thanks for the reply. NET has been recommended to me buy a few Taiwanese friends but I haven’t tried it yet. I briefly looked online and it seems they only sell slim/skinny fit pants which are out of style now. But I will go to the store and check it out.

Costco is a good option, if you are a member.
If not, H&M online, you may have better luck there.

NET, GU and Giordano are also options, and they have similar style as Uniqlo


Thanks for the recommendation on Giordano! I never shopped there before because I didn’t want to support Jimmy Lai and his fake news empire, but I guess now that he’s in prison it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll give it a go.

If you have a budget, NET jeans are quite cheap at around 500NT each. Just wear them for a year and swap for something else when they go out of style.

They are called fast fashion for a reason! :joy:

No budget! But I am not looking for jeans. Looking for regular/loose-fit chinos/khakis.

Then I think it’s hard to beat Costco!

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I have never even shopped for food at Costco in my life, let alone clothing, but will give it a try as a last resort! :laughing:


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Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Guess

Try American or European brands. They generally have sizes. But be aware of the price. It is double at least what you would pay in the USA or Europe.

But if you know your size back home just buy online and ship here. Seems so easy.

Most online stores don’t allow shipping outside of that country. If you try, it will redirect you to the Taiwan store instead, which sell Taiwan sizes.

Thanks! I tried Polo but ran into the same issue. I’ll give the other two a try!

I think Uniqlo offers (free?) tailoring in some stores. Other brands might have similar offers. Might be worth a try.

If you know your sizes and favorite US brands, you can buy on Amazon, free shipping to TW above 60 USD , takes about 2 weeks. You can buy 3 or 4 pairs of pants and shorts at once and reach 60 USD easily.
Other than that the other suggestions here are good - the last pairs of pants i bought were Amazon, Net and Costco.


I try not to buy clothes often. Work pants are tailor made, i got a pair of jeans from a roadside place (off brands, mixed quality, changeroom available), and two pairs of shorts at costco

The shorts i didn’t have to try because it gave the waistline size which is pretty standard


I either wait until I’m back in the US to buy from a store or I have a tailor make them for me here. Buying from stores here just doesn’t work for pants or shirts. Besides the size issues, the cut is all janky and wrong, as you’ve noticed.


Bought two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts at Gap this week. And size is often a problem for me too but I found some casual stuff that worked well.

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Thanks! I eventually went with Gap too.

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