Buying one bedroom apartment in Taipei

Hello. My mom was raised in Taiwan but has lived in the US for nearly three decades. She is looking to move back to Taipei and buy a small one-bedroom apartment there. It can also be on the outskirts or Sijhih City where we also have relatives.

I want to look for places online before visiting Taipei later this fall to look at properties in person. However, real estate sites (like this one: are all in Chinese. I do not speak or read Chinese and I am not with my mom (who is computer illiterate) so she can help me.

Can someone who knows Chinese and a bit about the real estate market in Taipei message me so I can get some idea on prices, good locations, and finding a property? Thanks.

I had a quick look on It looks like you’d have to pay somewhere between 3 and 5 million NT for a small one bedroom in Xizhi.

If you just want to get an idea of what there is, you could just put 591 through google translate. This is a link to 1 bedroom apartments in Xizhi from that site. … ontentName

Just avoid the famous complex next to that mountain. You’ll know when you get there.