Buying plants, pots, small tree

Hi There
In the following weeks I intend to add some greenery to our new apartment. About 20+ pots, one smaller tree 1.5m tall (hopfully won’t grow too much over 2m). Where can i shop for these gradening goodies?
i am in Taipei for a few months, so not experienced. We are in Songshan, so something around would be great. Thanks

Hi there!

There is a cluster of plant shops in the old flower market along Dihua st., section 2 cor Ji quan St. ( … s&t=m&z=17). There are more supplies and the prices are great. You’d need a car though.

Other places are the B&Q (Hola) in Shihlin and the IKEA (Dunhua).

And of course the flower market, saturdays and sundays only underneath JianGuo road. It’s easy to walk to from Exit 5 of ChungXiao ShinSheng station - have a look on google maps.

I heartily recommend finley’s suggestion. I have found they are the best around. There is a wholesale market up near Shilin but every time I have been there, they were either not open, (to me?) and/or just plain rude. The one finley mentioned is by and far the best that I have seen. BTW, they have those little steel baskets that hook over the edge of a balcony and will hold a regular sized plastic pot that will hold poseys or spices very finley (sorry, couldn’t resist). I have a row of 6 across part of my balcony and a fold-down breakfast table and a couple of bar stools. It’s nice to have a breaky outside with poseys and view. Let us know how your excursion turns out. (As I recall, there is a jade market just across the street but their hours are much like the flower market’s.)