Buying Saffron - help!

Anyone know where I can buy saffron?

I’ve seen it at Wellman’s Supermarket in Tienmou, costing an arm and a leg.


Chinese medicine shops often have it, cheap, in big bags. I got a big bag of Spanish saffron for a few hundred NT a year or two back.

Thanks for the info. Sandman, would you know the chinese name for Saffron? Do you think I could get it in Dihua St.?

Tihua St? I’ve no idea. I’d just try some of the larger traditional medicine shops. I don’t know what its called in Chinese – I just happened across it once while waiting for a prescription to be filled. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Is this the yellowish spice that is used in Paella? (Which I’m also on the hunt for)

Yes it is. Although it turns rice yellow, its actually bright red in colour. I think its the dried stamens of some kind of crocus flower. Buy the Spanish stuff, and avoid the Mexican – its crap.

They have Saffron in Breeze. Or at least they did a few days ago.

I also saw some Spanish saffron in a Chinese medicine shop, in a fancy box. I would be a little wary of cheaper saffron, though; it is deservedly the most expensive spice in the world and if it seems too cheap, it’s probably diluted with other stuff.

I bought some at the Taoyuan Tesco.

I got my saffron here, and I’m very pleased with the quality. The flavor of the paella I made with it was just HEAVENLY.
(EDIT: There is also very good info on saffron, how to judge its quality, and what prices mean (or don’t mean) on that site.)

EDIT: The best price on saffron I’ve found in Taibei is at P&P Food & Spices 東遠
Taibei, Zhong1zheng4 District, Jin1men2 Jie1, 9-14, 1F
金門街9-14, 1F
This street runs southwest off of Roosevelt, just southwest of Shi-Da. Take Heping westward to Roosevelt; turn left, go about 200+ yards, and turn right; after a ways it’s on your left (small entrance, like a converted home, not well marked)
2365-0633. Call first to see if they’re open, and take the address and number with you for when you get lost.

Reckon that Indian shop by City Hall MRT got some?

Don’t remember, but Jason’s has strings and powder.

Hell, even better.
Cheers, big ears!

Saffron COSTS an arm and a legggg … watch out not to buy the almost fake one, comes from India or China … it’s not real saffron, just looks like it and colors your food a bit … and than there is powder, not 100% saffron, some other stuff is added, probably the thing that colors curry yellow, can’t recall the name for the moment … the reason for being cheaper …


The super market in Mitsukoshi near the 101 has it as well, over NT$400 for a tiny little amount… :loco:

Crazy what it costs. What’s with that, it comes from flowers right?

I’ve bought mine at City Super. 480 NT for 1 fooking gram! But one gram is enough for two big paellas. It’s definitely the real deal, very fragrant and colours the food beautifully.