Cabinet agrees to legally abolish 2025 nuclear-free goal

The Executive Yuan on Thursday approved a proposal to abolish the first paragraph of Article 95 of the Electricity Act, halting the policy of phasing-out nuclear power by 2025 in accordance with the result of the Nov. 24 referendum.

She added that Premier Lai Ching-te (賴清德) said in the meeting that the government’s goal of making the country nuclear-free remains unchanged, even though the 2025 deadline has been canceled.

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Keep in mind there is a distinction between the law (and what it prohibits) and policy (what specific administrations aim for).

For forumosans who think that extending the use of nuclear power in Taiwan is an awesome idea, I would direct their attention to an article in today’s Taipei Times about the disposal of nuclear waste and how Taipower Corporation has absolutely no plan on how to move forward with it:


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News reports seem to say goals are on schedule but a bit in limbo because they are challenged with finding permanent spent-fuel disposal solutions.

All’s fine, firing on all cylinders.

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