Cabinet bill aims to attract foreign professionals


A large part of immigration law here is based on having Chinese heritage or not . So there is a separate immigration category for those people.


Yes, we know. I have heard enough Taiwanese drivel about how those SEA countries are a mess and we shouldn’t let people from there in. They do forget that those are full fledged internationally recognized countries that attract far more investment and have better growth prospects than this island. For starters.

Firts of all, the way the Taiwanese ally with teh worse elements in those countrie sfor their own benefit, especialy when it come sto slaving workers, is disgusting and tells me their claims are quite hypocritical. they want it that way because they cannot compete in a fair squre fight. If workers had a choice to come here, without debts and choosing their own bosses, Taiwanese would be in serious trouble. Or if workers had a say in walking the dog or having to do tasks not in their contracts.

The same people make the local workers serve them dinner, acconmpany to ktvs, work overtime, do their kids projects, buy tickets for venues but not paying over, not to mention dire working cnditions and stagnant salaries. So one begins to wonder if this is all a lie people tell themselves to justify the racism, or more like using racism as a justification to trample rights of others. hence, in that sense, they are no differnt from teh elites in those countries, that keep people poor with their policies so things remain the same as they have always been. People tend to hate what they recognize of themselves in others.

And do not get us started on the legal system.

It is nice to feel superior to others and in this case, Taiwanese playing the racial card is hillarious. Actually, they are letting the overseas compatriots in, which is fine. However, it would be far more beneficial if as other countries do, including US, they used qualifications, heck even money, to determine entry, rather than just bloodline. It would open up a wider pool.

But as said, thsi is just cosmetic. the truth is that under the current conditions at factories and enterprises of all sorts, neither the economy nor teh society can move forward. The Government can’t enact the necessary measures because the elites use all means necessary to stop them. Those are teh same that keep th e land polluted, keep on inflating the property bubble, chet on taxes, and cause most of problems abroad for diplomatic corps.



I don’t think you are using this word correctly.


I tried to pronounce that word and swallowed my tongue.


Why do you think I am not using this word correctly?


Foreigners with permanent residency will qualify for benefits like employment insurance and labor pensions, Chen said, adding that the new regulations are expected to significantly boost interest in working in the country among overseas talents.

Thought this had been dealt with?


Yeah not sure if that was passed already. AFAIK foreign professors were already included .

I mean it’s not exactly a GIFT since we paid for the bloody things…


Wasnt this the bill to attract more white-collar professionals from SEA. Which in many industries is needed. I think this kind of globalization is unsettling for Taiwanese. They can deal with developing world workers coming in to do blue-collar work, but sharing the office space with them is going to hurt.

And Taiwan does need these workers. The Taiwanese work place is mono-ethnic with most workers having similar skillsets attitudes and educational backgrounds. Vietnam is better at software than Taiwan and Philippines has better designers.


Looks like Taiwan has given up on boosting the birth rate. I thought the “two-fold” plan included on to get foreigners, the other to make more babies.


Anyone who’s visited wafer fabs in Taiwan can vouch for exactly this. Rows of highly qualified SE Asian workers being monitored and verbally abused by lesser qualified Taiwanese harridans.


Also, if Taiwan really wanted to enact the silly “Go South” policy, companies need to become more multi-cultural at a sales, marketing, design and business decision level. Taiwanese companies and managers know little of SEA and how to market there and without changing the makeup of the Taiwanese workplace, Tsai’s policy is political fluff.


As I understand it within the context of the conversation you are using it to mean Taiwanese people, however it seems more accurately to have a very specific meaning of the ultimately original natives, i.e. the indigeneous.
So when you said, “The autochthonous populace deciding who gets to immigrate…” it just didn’t ring true.

Nitpicking on my part, sure.

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Don’t they mostly do business through ethnic Chinese in SEA?


Also, they are giving more incentives to make babies after all.


It’s an attempt (not the first) to strengthen ties with neighbours other than China. Lee Teng-hui attempted this in the 1990s too. There is a strong security / national survival element at play here, as well as the garden variety economic exploitation move (i.e. sending Taiwan’s highly polluting industries to Vietnam or Malaysia). Clearly there are conflicting goals and outcomes from this policy, which can and should be debated. But it is not in my view “political fluff.”



Did they say anything particular?


Who do?


Yes, everyone can see why Taiwan’s companies should sell to SEA or manufacture in SEA. And everyone can understand the political reasoning.

But many already are. The good one’s already are and an empty directive from the old corrupt idiots in government isn’t going to change that.

Also its not reasonable or possible for many companies in Taiwan to move focus from China, both on a supply chain or market side.

Total fluff