Cabinet bill aims to attract foreign professionals


I think the go south policy is broadly sound and I have noticed a big uptick of SEA students in my neighbourhood , I think they are actually vocational tech students !
Now creating a pathway for SEA blue and white collar to immigrate is an excellent move.
I will not be eating in Flipino restaurants though, sorry. :). Hopefully they will open some bars with live music.


I’m with Brian here. I am not claiming that the Tsai government has sorted out all the contradictions in the Southbound Policy–far from it. But let me say that as a citizen of a minor country next to a large imperial power, I get what Tsai is doing. OrangeOrganics: I suspect you are from a nation that has considered (or considers) itself the centre of things? For those of us who are not, the move to mitigate risk and to stop relying entirely on one large aggressive neighbour is entirely understandable. I have no idea what the eventual outcomes will be but I understand the plan.



That is the thing: they have this “mixed” population already, the children of SEA brides. Those that have been looked down all their lives and mocked and labeled as stupid by racist educators now have been hailed as the salvation for the economy. Figure that out.

So there are also the Overseas Chinese immigrants in SEA, people of Chinese origin but born/raised in the area. Great skills, very nice outlook. Limited population, with better opportunities elsewhere and hence hard to attract and keep.


Many taiwanese companies are facing problems in China, as competition grows fierce, the initial advantages wear out and some have started the slow crawl back. However, too many of them left workers hanging here and can’t return, their only choice is to go lower down the chain to Vietnam, Cambodia and other emerging markets.


Nope. You have misread everything I wrote

Everyone understands the spiritual side of the Southbound policy. Thats not my issue. I understand why the DPP would like to say they want businesses to focus on SEA markets.

My issue is the application. Like all Taiwan governmental polices. This isnt the 1970’s anymore, but Taiwan is still in a third-world top-down developmental model that isn’t working. These policies are always really badly researched and only end up both wasting money and giving the rest of the money to friends in politically sympathetic businesses. This is the same for both Blue and Green

But my point was, that Taiwanese may like the sound of Taiwanese businesses selling to South East Asia but not the reality that this means that Taiwan will need a truly multicultural workforce and has top open up to SEA businesses working here. There were protests, even from the Sunflower leaders regarding SEA white collar workers coming here and I dont think there will be any true will from government to properly integrate these staff into the workplace. So they whole thing is fluff


Yep, on the supply chain side. But its difficult to move as the supply chain for most products is situated around the Peal River Delta. Its not just a case of moving factories to where the labour is cheaper in 2018. Also, Chinese workers are pretty high-skilled at this point and hard to find similar quality elsewhere. Moreover, Taiwanese companies are deeply integrated into the Chinese economy and have been for 30 years, it will be very hard to change that.

But my impression that the policy was on Taiwanese companies flogging their wares to SEA rather than focusing on China. Which is again difficult as Chinese have loads of money and their still is some cachet to Taiwanese companies on the both the B2C and B2B side. Taiwanese roughly understand the Chinese market and are able to build the relationships needed to succeed there. Again, its not as simple as 61 year old politician and former academic telling them to start selling in Cambodia.


There is next to no foreigners in a lot of industries in Taiwan.
For example my experience is in insurance. I went to their regulating body in Taipei to inquire how I can get certified, the woman laughed at me over the phone when I asked. (she also said “good luck with that” quite sarcastically too) I’ve since given up and resigned myself that I will need to eventually leave.

The Taiwan government i think wants to liberalize but doesn’t have the foggiest how to, however the industry doesn’t want to, and thats what counts. Korea and Japan have made great strides in integrating foreigners in their industries, Taiwan has made no effort at all.


Citizens of their respective countries should make lists of elites in every country and scrutinize for illegal activity cause this is an issue destroying the middle class everywhere and by elites I dont mean wealthy people… I mean wealthy people who sway both sides of politics and are connected to the financial banking institutions that ruin countries


Exactly, Taiwanese policy is just a mish-mash of badly thought out ideas and buzz words. I’m surprised that any foreigner who has been here for a while is buying into it as this point.

I’m not sure the government really wants to liberalize tbh. I think they want to help and protect their rich friends. Or more innocently, they think that helping and protecting the big businesses to grow will make Taiwan rich again, like in the 70’s.


I propose our next experiment after getting as many credit cards as we can is to abuse our OWP and get as many jobs as we can. I haven’t touched the wheel of a car in 20 years and I bet I would make a fantabulous cab driver.


We need to apply for more lol
you can never have enough credit cards

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As long as it has no sugar.


Video’s in English. They are increasing child care subsidies.


According to this article, let’s focus on naturalizing East Asians first.


@nc47 Who are the east Asians? The whole of East Asia has ageing population and low birth rate. 9nly feasibly would HK citizens want to move here, but they have already been doing that for a while. But wages are do low here compared to HK that I can’t see this being a huge deal

Otherwise this article is ridiculous


Don’t know. China has a low birth rate but they’re never out of people. If there were a way to import people from China without posing a national security threat, they should.


BINGO. My parents gave me an easy-to-remember famous Chinese name and said I should become U.S. ambassador to China one day. But After graduating from college, they kept on pressing me to get a computer job because it’s “safe.”


Are you being serious ?


Just thinking out loud.

Singapore does this.


I think we already have enough Chinese spies in the country as it is, thank you.