Cable Modem ZOOOOOM!

My company asked me if I wanted ADSL at home, so of course I said yes.

Somewhere in the translation I ended up with ETHOME CATV broadband internet.

The guy turned up early (Not on time) on Friday morning and spent 20 minutes putting it in.

He takes the existing CATV input and puts a socket doubler on it, then runs it to where you want your cable modem installed. (In my second bedroom)

The connection to you PC is an Ethernet type connector, my laptop had one and he provided one for my desktop for an extra 500NT.

Then he plugged me in and set up my IP, and then I was off.

Here are my thoughts (After 4 Days)

I’m a brit, so UK pages make up at least 50% of visited web sites.
Very quick, I managed to watch Broadband BBC news in real-time streaming from the UK. The REALone play rate was 160Kbps with video, very clear and good audio.

US pages (confirmed by IP, but possible Asian mirror)
Again very quick, particularly the MP3 sites
Averaged 30k-50k/sec download at peak MP3 Server time, I use a server on the east coast USA.

Asian sites - Slower but not by much, this maybe because most of the users on my circuit/sever are also looking at Asian sites.

Generally, very good reliability and quick

Price 1000NT deposit (refund after 12 months)
Then 1799NT per three months - Unlimited download

The peak (slowest) time seems to be between 5-8 in the evening.


I cannot offer comparison of So-net ADSL or Hi-net, compared to dial-up, this is a dream

A very reasonable price. In technology-free Britain, installation is

What area are you living in? I’m over at XinYi/SongShan Roads, and my cable is nowhere nearly as fast as that (I use the same company). Sometimes I get up to 20kb/sec for downloads or so, but webpages are still not as fast as I’d like. And streaming only works well sometimes…

And you said $1700 for 3 months? I’m paying $3000 for 3 months right now… time to go make a phone call or two…!