Cafes that take in stray cats

my other post was deleted so i will repost the relevant information here.

im trying to find a home for this cat:]cat

because of her behavioral problems, i think it is unlikely that anyone will adopt her. i’ve heard about (and i think seen) cafes that feed and take care of groups of stray/semi-feral cats. i think this is a better option for her than CNR since i rescued her almost eight months ago.

i’d expand more on the cats specific circumstances, but my post would probably just be deleted again…

so, can anyone tell me about these cafes? i live near shida and have heard that grandma nitti’s and some place called the “kitten kitchen”(i think?) will take in rescued cats. any other recommendations?



Grandma Nitti’s does not take in unwanted cats. The owner is an animal lover and concerned about strays in her area but she is not a ‘dumping ground’, for want of a better word.

Contact me as I may have a suggestion for you: 0920 620 109.