Cake boxes?

Hi guys, i am looking currently to buy WHITE cake boxes (500 pieces) for our pastry catering business.
We checked on internet, shops everywhere … NOTHING
The usual answer we get is that no one like the white boxes because you can see the dust on it when the shop is dirty. that is why they do not make them.
Our answer were that you just need to clean them and keep your environment clean … ini’t?
anyway, if someone know where i can get some already designed it will be a very good help.
We really do not want the usual horrible baby designed boxes… soooo awful
thanks guys
ps: BYC patisserie is our facebook page

I think you’ll have to go upstream. Find out who makes the ugly ones, and contact them.

We already contacted many suppliers directly and we still need to open our own mold. Extra expense of 10000 per mold.
And if we need differents size, 10000 for each size. we wish we could use an already open mold but what is available is not suitable for us.
Thanks for trying to help

We do slightly similar business (although very small scale, and more home style than chefy), mostly cookies but also cakes, pies, etc. with an emphasis on organic etc. ingreds, so we’ve had a look at this too. There are upstream suppliers that offer standard box sizes in lots of 500, including many in white, such as this supplier:

I don’t know how good your Chinese is, but acc. to Dragonbabe the “公版” means they produce these as standard stock; you do not have to pay for a mold. You can scroll through the many pages to see what they have, OR, in the section below the large central box there is "分類目錄: " which introduces ways to sort the catalog, by size, volume, style, cat. no., material and purpose (e.g. cakes and pastries here).

That last link will hopefully be good to set you up with what you need.

thanks a lot. I will ask my partenaire to have a look at it tomorrow. She is taiwanese.