🤼 ⚽ Calcio Storico | Ancient Ball Game in Florence, Italy

I have started watching some games on Youtube and I am totally fascinated by it. There’s a lot to unpack. So let’s have a dedicated thread.

This is the last game I believe. The final between the Blues and the Reds in 2022. [start of the game at the 41 min. mark]

My first reaction to this sport is, wow, no-glove boxing.

Then I found it hilarious how they sit on each other like really intimately.

The goal is the net at each end above the red barrier.

If a team throws/shoots over the net the other team gets half a point.

They switch sides after a team has scored.

A game lasts 50 minutes.

There are actually rules and referees. For example, it’s always one on one. No sucker punches or head butts, etc.

Throwing someone across the barrier is allowed.

Rugby players are tough? Meh…


Gangs of New York ain’t got nothin on Gangs of Firenze.



You know your opponent means business when he wears medieval pantaloons whilst throwing barefisted haymakers on the field of play! :smiley:


Forza Viola!