California Fitness Membership

Does anyone know how much it costs to join CA Fitness in Taipei? Is it better to bring my 24 Hour Fitness card and use it there? or is is cheaper in Taiwan?

You should have up to 1 month free use of 24 Hour Fitness card at Cal Fitness.
So, if you plan on not joining Cal Fitness after 1 month, you can trying going to another Cal Fit club. For example, use Tong Lin first, then 1 month later use the one across train station, then 1 month later the one in HsiMenTing, and then rotate back (all 3 are on the same MRT line within 15 minutes of each other by MRT). You may be able to “beat the system” this way.

Otherwise, get a Cal Fitness club membership (AND keep your 24 Hours club, just in case you go back to the US for good and re-join, as a 24 Hours manager told me), and then when back in the US you can use 24 Hours for free with your Cal Fitness card.

As for prices, I do not know. I have been a member here nearly 10 years and I’m now paying like the equivalent of U$18 per month for Cal Fitness. I do hear they need members, as the economic slowdown is not helping.