Calling all dads: what gender are your offspring?

6 girls, 5 boys no money, time or friends.


Really, eleven kids?

or condoms.


I buck the trend I have a daughter. But wait for it my wife is pregnant with twin boys. So if I had have only held off on that one night of misadventure I would have been living proof of Jive Turkey’s theorem. However, as it turns out its a crock of…

Three boys.

We had a birthday party a few years ago, with almost every mixed marriage couple in Taidong in attendance:

13 boys, 2 girls.

Maybe it’s the water…

True, and I have an enormous schlong, so there goes that theory. :wink:

Incidentally, jlick is another westerner with taiwanese wife and a beautiful little girl.

If someone truly believes that mixed couples are more likely to have sons, please explain the genetics of it for me. I must have missed that part of Biology class.

Maybe it’s due to more bai bai-ing. :bow:

The OP was claiming that mixed couples are more likely to have girls. Nearly all the mixed couple kids I know (of) are girls. Maybe about 90%.



Jive Turkey suggested they were more likely to have girls, because that was his experience in Hong Kong.

Everybody knows you have a big shlong, it’s poking out of your collar.

(Sorry couldn’t resist being a prick myself)