Calling all farm kids: Chicken question

Okay, this is kind of embarrassing, but do hens (and other birds) lay eggs from their anuses or do they have a sort of “special canal”? My husband told me that they lay straight from the anus, and sounded totally serious, but I am about 60% sure he’s pulling a fast one on me. I looked it up in wikipedia, and haven’t found anything so far. I always got great grades in biology, so this is a lesson in humility. :blush:

Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer. Mods, I didn’t know whether to place this drivel in the open forum or the temp one; sorry if I made the wrong decision.

My thought initially was ‘Pah! Of course not’, but these diagrams show that they come out the poo hole. Ewwwww! … 225407.jpg … system.htm

[quote=“Buttercup”]My thought initially was ‘Pah! Of course not’, but these diagrams show that they come out the poo hole. Ewwwww! … 225407.jpg … system.htm[/quote]

Thanks for that! I guess he was telling the truth, and the bemused expression was for my ignorance. Speaking of which, in this case, ignorance was bliss… :astonished:

If it is any consolation, birds penis’ also come out of their anus. Caled Cloaca which is a single opening for everything.

Convenient, but kind of gross, from an “uppity mammal” perspective.

My late stepmom used to call eggs fowl fetal material.

Who decided to call it the ‘cloaca’? Such a gross image. Bler! :laughing:

well, males of uppity mammals also have a common opening for, a couple of different tasks. We women are the ones that have specialized, sophisticated equipment. I am blushing as I write, but I feel compelled too.

It’s not quite as disgusting as it sounds.Here’s a cut-away diagram of the process and a video to prove it! :discodance:

  1. Chickens, as well as other birds, have a common opening for reproduction, and for the evacuation of stools and urine. This opening is called the “vent”. They do not have a bladder because their urine is not a fluid. It is a white paste, called urates, that you can observe surrounding the droppings. The intestine, ureters and oviduct come together into a common chamber called the cloaca. This is a rather dirty place, [color=#FF0000]whereas the egg is always clean and almost sterile when laid.[/color]

  2. The hen turns part of the cloaca and the last segment of the oviduct inside out, “like a glove.” The described red membrane is then everted inside of these organs. The egg emerges far outside, at the end of the bulge. [color=#FF0000]So it cannot contact the walls of the cloaca and get contaminated by stools or urine.[/color] Moreover, the intestine and inner part of the cloaca are kept shut by the emerging egg, and their contents cannot leave when the hen strains to deliver the egg. [color=#FF0000]Therefore, eggs are always clean as they are laid.[/color] However, sometimes a hen, stomping around the nest with dirty feet, will get the egg dirty anyway.

How about a nice video?

Yeah, but human baybees don’t have a shell, afaik, so we need a special conduit. You don’t want the fruit of your womb to emerge covered in sweetcorn.

I knew snakes had cloaca, but I didn’t know about birds. I did know, to quote a line from Fried Green Tomatoes, “…wont sit next to a colored child, but he eats eggs! Shoot right out a chicken’s ass!”

Yeah, northcoast surfer, how about a nice video? :laughing:

At least we know the chicken probably didn’t come first.

Chickens can be pets. They can also be other animals. But you’re talking about eggs, aren’t you? I believe that belongs in “Dating and Relationships”.

Really, it’s an “animal” question. Funny, but IMO legitimate. (I’ve always wanted to know the answer myself)!