Calling all stubborn Mrs. Worthingtons


You are no coward and refuse to accept Noel Coward’s advice and still want to put your daughter on the stage, regardless of his wit and wisdom.

Well, please talk to me first. I want to help find your kids jobs. I am an actor and director, not an agent, but I work with lots of them and can, at the very least, offer you insight into the nature of the biz.

And I do have the occasional case come my way where I need to act like an agent, so I would like to add you and your kids to my roster, just in case.

I am currently looking for two 7-8 year old Asian (or mixed) girls with flawless English accents.

I should also say that I do reward referrals with a nice red envelope should your friends land jobs, so if you have any friends interested in joining my roster, please don’t hesitate to contact me first, so I know from whence folks come.

All ages, all ethnicities welcome. And I only work on legal jobs. Work Permits provided for those that need them. Alway.

I’m easy to find. Check out my profile card.