Calling the "States"

How much does it cost to call the states. I’m looking for basic rates for a regular phone, as well as, for the average cell phone (NT$, please). Also, are there any cheap ways to call? I know I can buy a calling card, but barring that, anything else?

Thanks, Jonathan

Ok… this is my last post for the evening. Me and my happy typing fingers will go somewhere else…

The cheapest way I use is via and ADSL service.

I only pay 4c per minute on Net2phone and of course the monthly charges to Hinet…

But since I use DSL for other stuff, my international phone bill has gone from $1500 per month to a few dollars (depending on how long I use the Net2phone service!)

Quality is okay. I tried to Dialpad, but didn’t like their service.


I am not exactly sure how much I pay but I have the type of cell phone plan that I load up as I go. A 600 NT card allows me to call the US multiple times/ about 3 hours.

I posted a question about calling Europe last week and got quite a bit of info that would apply to calling N America too. Check it out:

I just called my mom in Seattle on my cell phone. I use those Far East Tone prepaid IF Cards. We talked for 16 minutes, and it was NT$64, which is about US 12 cents per minute. Too high, but easy!!! And frankly, it’s a lot less than I expected it to be! I’m about to sign up for one of the computer phone things though, as soon as I get a headset. I’m looking at as they have a service plan called the North America 400 plan that is 400 minutes in calls to the US or Canada from anywhere in the world for $4.95 per month. That’s about 1.2 cents per minute! I haven’t actually tried it yet, since I don’t have a headphone, but if anyone does, let me know how it goes!