Camera suction mount + window tinting = bad?

I want to attach a camera suction mount to the top of my cars windscreen. But it has a strip of window tinting there. It’s a pretty strong mount.
Would the mount damage the tinting?
Thanks. :bow:

no, i dont think it wuld damage the tinting… but it depends on the quality of the tinting. Usually top end brands like v-kool, 3M and others guarantee the tinting for a long time, in declares suction should damage the tinting. Unless there is a tear in the tinting, your window should be okay

I don’t know what brand the tinting is. It was put in by Ford when I bought the car.
Thanks for the reply.

Shouldn’t be a problem…if your whole front window has tint on it, I would not worry about causing damage to it since it really shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Attachments to tint can over time cause it to slightly distort due to temperature difference and stress. Some vehicles I see with illegal front windscreen tint often show signs of former attachments in the way of square or round distortions in the plastic tint. It doesn’t seem to be something that happens overnight however, and perhaps if you were to remove your suction cup whenever you aren’t using it, then you should be okay.

Thanks, buddy. I do remove the suction mount when not using it. Also when parking it somewhere. I think it’s a hard to pass up item for thieves.
Also, the tint is just a strip across the top of the windscreen. Not covering the whole window. That’s where I want to put the mount. Just above the mirror attachment.
I guess if it does screw it up it won’t be expensive to fix since it’s just a small strip of tint. Maybe I’d just rip it all off if that happened.

Thanks for the input.