Cameras cheaper in Taipei?

I want to buy a Canon EOS-20D digital SLR. I’ve seen them selling complete kits with 3 lenses, two tripods, memory cards, memory card readers, and carrying cases for less than 1700USD on Ebay. Should I go for it, or wait till I get to Taiwan in January?

do a search on and compare.

Cameras aren’t cheaper here. And…I’m not sure about Canon, but if bought here in Taiwan, the camera software might be in Chinese. These days, Singapore has much better prices for cameras and kits. And the software, manuals, etc will be in English.

You’ll probably be able to find it for cheaper through a site like BWphoto or other websites in the US than in Taiwan, but of course look at sites from Taiwan and check.

Buy it in the States. Camera stuff, especially lenses, is cheaper there. When I bought my 300D a bit more than a year ago in Taibei, it came with an English manual, but I still paid about $100US more for the gray market (i.e. warranty-less) version than I would have paid for the regular version in the States.

I agree. Camera stuff here is more expensive than in the US. I buy certain stuff on ebay and other stuff from B&H or Adorama. It’s almost always cheaper to get a US-market new item and have it shipped over than buy the grey-market warranty-less stuff that is on sale here. Or else they don’t have any stock here. I tried for two months to buy a Nikon 50mm lens in Taipei. Said sod it and got one from the States instead. Kept getting told rubbish like “there’s a worldwide shortage of them”. I also find camera shops here to have rude staff who are only interested in selling you what they want you to buy. It’s like shopping in a Soviet department store in 1981.

On the other paw, the ickle point-and-shoot digital cameras seem to be around the same price.

No, the menus and books and everything for Canon are in English. However, you could have a problem with getting an international warranty. I looked at that camera on Monday in Bo ai Road and Nova (an area that sells loads of camera stuff, and vendors are competing in terms of prices). The price difference is sometimes NT$10 000, but then it’s because they it’s grey market or it’s only the store offering the warranty. Buy in the States or on Adorama if you want to be sure of an international warranty.
Even the Sony stores in high profile places like Taipei 101 offer no international warranty on cameras we discovered yesterday. Of course, if you plan on staying here for a while that won’t be a problem.

There’s a big camera shop in Taichung with good prices
They have the grey imports from Japan as well as the official ones. Prices on the website:

Are you any more confident of getting genuine equipment and service from an ebay retailer though than in Taiwan? If you’re coming to Taiwan at least you’d be here to thrash the bit out with the Taiwanese shop if your camera goes tits up. Canon Taiwan will laugh heartily and point you out to their friends in disbelief if you bring in a broken US-bought camera with a US or International warranty and expect them to fix it for nothing.

Also check out the camerashop street in Taipei for price comparison. Don’t know the street name, but is’t close to main station, a parallel street to Zhongsiao, between train station and Memorial Peace Park, around 20 shops in one road.

No, Canon Taiwan will fix it, and Adorama is a very reliable online store, or has been so far…I check out all the things my friend buys on there…at least four lenses and two cameras so far.
The camera street is Bo ai Road I think. Just walk around with a big piece of paper with all the stores’ prices marked on it, the salespeople kept grabbing my paper and checking out the other store prices. I only buy cameras from cute guys, though. If there are any stores with only female staff I don’t go in. So don’t trust any advice I give you.

How much did shipping cost? Did you run into any problems with customs? I was thinking of buying a couple of lenses in the semi-near future and I’m a little ticked when I see a ~$400US lens going for NT$18-20k here.

How much did shipping cost? Did you run into any problems with customs? I was thinking of buying a couple of lenses in the semi-near future and I’m a little ticked when I see a ~$400US lens going for NT$18-20k here.[/quote]

Shipping from Adorama is US$45 by UPS (I think) and I haven’t had a problem with customs in the past.

Good to hear that Canon here will stand over a foreign warranty. Does anyone know if Nikon do?

:bravo: Thanks a lot, everyone, for all the advice. If I can get all the money together in time, I will get the camera before I go. If not, I will send my mother the money from Taiwan and have her bring it when she visits.

I being from the US, and having recently lived in Singapore for 3 years, now living in Taiwan, have found electronics to be cheaper in the US than both Taiwan and Singapore. Singapore being cheaper than Taiwan.

Bought both my Panasonic video camera, and my cannon sureshot just recently in the US because the prices are better.

While in Singapore a few days ago, I priced an FL-20 flash for my Olympus E-1. It was $30US cheaper in Singapore than from B&H in NYC.