Camp Taiwan

I’m sure you’ve all seen the banner ads.

It looks like a great place.

I had heard of it before. I know a US lawyer in Taipei who has sent his boy there and spoke highly of the place. I understand if one goes up FengKweiKuo then down the backside towards Jinshan, it’s over there somewhere.

I see they take campers as young as 6 for a 3-day mini camp. I know we wouldn’t let go of our 6 year-old to the care of strangers for 3 days (and besides, she’ll have a 5-day mini camp alone with grandma and grandpa next month). But maybe next year we’d consider trying one of their programs.

Anyone have any experience with them?

I know of a group of Families who did it together with their young uns’. They had fun, and they were made into teams at night and had to do a skit or sth. and the children got to do all the other fun stuff in the day with the parents around…but it cost a lot.

a place for Taiwan to become even more camp?



My brother just sent his boy off to Buck’s Rock Performing Arts Camp in Connecticut yesterday. June 30 - July 24 costs US$6,590 (including room and board). :astonished: Then again, it must be one of the best art/music camps in the world for young kids, with programs in painting, drawing, weaving, printmaking, jewelrymaking, glassblowing, costume, improv, theater, music, clown school, cooking, digital photography, etc. Of course very few, including us, could ever afford such a place.

By comparison, the Family Camp at Camp Taiwan is infinitely more affordable at . . .

Well 20K for 2 nights is expensive according to me. :blush:

I’ve had direct experience with this camp - we sent our buxiban students there last year. The camp directors, Tom (American), and Nara (Canadian) are fantastic people, easy to work with, and very, very, reliable. The food is good, and the activities well-structured. I would send my daughters there without any qualms whatsoever. She’d have a great time, in an international environment, but a very definitely North American camp experience. Two thumbs up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well 20K for 2 nights is expensive according to me. :blush:[/quote]
Wait on! 10K a night and they expect you to sleep FOUR to A TENT? :roflmao:
Maybe that’s in fact cheap. Seems extremely expensive to me, too, though.

Hey, cmon. That includes smores and a zipline. You don’t get that at the Hyatt.

Um, it’s a family camp. What kind of sleeping arrangements did you expect? Seriously - from the perspective of either the people running the camp or the people attending the camp, what do YOU think would be the ideal sleeping arrangement for a family?

Also, you’re not paying “a night”. It’s 6k per adult for the whole 3d2n program, right? You get good food and lots of it, good structured activities, in a very pristine little valley, not that far from Taipei, good bathroom and shower facilities, English speaking environment, and pretty awesome tents. 2k a day per adult is not outrageous at all. :2cents:

I know the fellow who runs it. Long time Taiwan’er, great guy and quite the legend in the expat community. The camp looks amazing.


I’ve only heard good things about the camp, and I would like to send my son, too. I was thinking next summer, if we don’t go anywhere. I was also interested in a day camp, with a group of kids and parents, but don’t have the energy to ask about the possibility then arrange it. If anyone every does arrange a day camp, let me know. As for the cost, just think how much you can spend doing rather little in Taipei city. I was looking at taking the kids to a movie, but when I add up the cost, it makes me cringe. I’d much rather pay to have a well-organised experience like the camp.

I think these camps are a fantastic idea. I have fond memories of similar camps I attended in Australia. I wouldn’t mind seeing if there were opportunities available for getting involved even on a volunteer basis.

If it gives you a good idea of how much you can believe in the owners, Nara was the person who called me on the phone to ask me to come work for her school in 2001. She is the person who mentored me as a starting teacher and helped me become a better teacher. She is still one of my friends. I have known Tom and Nara for a long time and know how amazing they are with kids.

I recommend Camp Taiwan to my own students whose parents aren’t ready to send them overseas for the summer. The kids are always talking about how cool it was when they come back to school in September.

I highly endorse this camp.

They do offer jobs for people as camp counselors for the overnight camp programs, Fortigurn.

What superb platforms and tents!

It looks and sounds like it would be a great way to introduce the little one to camping. I hope they’re still running the camp when my daughter’s old enough to attend it.

Thanks ImaniOU, I’ll check out their site.