⛺ Camping - Recommendations

Hi Peeps, super late to make plans but I was looking to rent a car and take my friend (she speaks mandarin which makes my life easier) camping, maybe somewhere under the stars on Friday/Saturday. She has some recommendations around Taoyuan but I was thinking of something a little more, hmm mountain top/secluded? Does anyone have any recommendations with a pin on a map? I know it’s a stretch but seeing the stars- so away from the city, would be such a nice way to end this year.

Let me know if you have any recommendations! I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Why secluded? Just go with one of her suggestions.

Lmao that may have come across differently. I wanna see the stars away from the city lights. Thinking of also somewhere in Nanao as a potential. Promise the “secluded” wasn’t a creepy suggestion :joy:

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Yea it did kind of come across as creepy LOL

Especially because you also wrote



Lol yeah my bad. I’ve found a good couple of places in Yilan by some beaches. Hope the weather holds up somewhat :grin::grin:

It rains about 400 days a year in Yilan… Somewhere in the South should be safer.

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I recommend Lugu or Zhushan Township, Nantou County. We went to Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Park to stargaze a couple weeks ago. It was beautiful and no city lights to be found! You don’t have to enter the park, there are camping places around the area you can find too.

How close to the beach shore? Watch out for the tides or you’ll be watching the stars from the ocean.