Can a husband or wife be prevented from visiting spouse in nursing home?

My dad, living in Taiwan for 5 years, is separated from my mom (with Alzheimer’s) but still legally married. They were married in Taiwan in the 1970’s and immigrated to America right after. Both my parents have dual citizenship in United States and Taiwan. When my dad found out my half-brother sent her to Taiwan he went to visit the nursing home. However the workers there said no one else is allowed to visit unless my brother says yes.
Since my half-brother is living in America I think he had help from his father to set up the nursing home for my mom.
What can my father do to get visitation rights?

I don’t totally follow the family relationships (is your half-brother’s father your mother’s husband from a prior marriage?). Are you in Taiwan now?

My overly general advice:
-Your father should get as many stamped documents as possible, including the original marriage certificate, documents that showed residency together or shared accounts, etc.
-Your father should try friendship, explanation and negotiation at the nursing home (giving gifts, repeated visits, etc.)
-Your father should look for intermediaries who can help (counselors, chaplains, etc. at the home, or other family members in Taiwan)

I would also imagine that a lawyer who specializes in geriatric work would be part of this conversation. Do you live in Taiwan also? Have other family members visited your mom? Have you called to talk to the nursing home?

Hi, thanks for replying.
Yes my half brother’s father ( my mom’s ex-husband) is living in Taiwan. My father (my mom’s current husband) is also living in Taiwan.
Neither my brother or myself are in Taiwan. We are in the US. My mom and dad are Taiwanese citizens. My dad is living in kaohsiung and my mom is in Taipei. It would be hard for him to visit regularly since he’s in his eighties.
I haven’t called the nursing home or know of anyone visiting her.
I told my dad to hire a lawyer to sort this out. I am waiting for his reply.

That makes sense and I can imagine the dynamics are complicated. If your brother is the oldest son that also influences the cultural dynamic. I’m a pretty straightforward westerner. I would be tempted to call the brother and/or the nursing home.

I know Taiwan has cultural norms on who pays/who decides. I don’t know how that will work here, but I hope your mom is getting the help she needs and that it’s not too traumatic for your dad. Any plans to visit Taiwan in the near future?