Can a NWOHR (or NWHR) help a NWOHR sibling get a TARC?

if a brother who are living overseas with his sister and both of them wants to visit Taiwan and this brother wants to petition his sister who is a (NWHOR)taiwan passport and his sister wants to stay in taiwan for good and after that his brother will return to the Thailand to live permanently now her questions are
1)can her brother allowed to petition her inside Taiwan even his brother are now not living in Taiwan anymore but have taiwan id.?
2)how long it will take to that she can live permanently in taiwan?

Iiuc, the brother doesn’t need to be living in Taiwan, but he needs a registered address in Taiwan.

1 year at least.

What does petition mean in this context?

it seems to mean applying for TARC as a relative of a citizen. People from Philippines seem to use it, because it is said so in an instruction on TECO in Manila’s site.

Tando Can her brother use the old registered address like he is in Taiwan last 2001? then after 2001settled in Thailand then came back to Taiwan last year but for 3 days only coz he fix his wife cane who is paralyzed then he live in a hotel only That time Coz now his sister is in the philippine and they will go together in Taiwan for that things

if he owns the place, or the place is an address of his relatives and they agree to re-register him at their place, yes. If not, he needs an agreement from the property owner and a copy of a certificate of the property ownership provided from the owner.

I edited the title – I hope it’s clearer now.

Tando if they are in Tawain where did they should go NIA or householder registry or where?
Do they need to bring any docs and be authenticated in Teco?

To re-register her brothers HHR, he needs to go to HHR office of the address.

To apply for TARC, the sister needs to visit NIA.

Required documents are

  1. Application, with one color photo without hat
  2. Identity certificate in country or place of residence
  3. The passport of the Republic of China or certificate as sufficient to prove the nationality of the Republic of China
  4. Certificate national police criminal record in country or place of residence, which is valid for six months from the date of issuance
  5. The satisfactory health examination report within latest three months健康證明應檢查項目-乙表.pdf
  6. The person who was born in China shall have certificates proving that he/she does not have no household registered in China
  7. Those who has entered the country and applied for residence (shall enter the country with passport of the Republic of China), the entry certificate shall be enclosed.
  8. for application within legal residence period after entering the county, the certificate is NT$1,000
  9. Other related certificates : Her brother’s national ID, Household Register, or transcript of HHR, and certificates that prove she is his sibling.

If the documents required is in foreign language, they shall be certified by Overseas Office and have the transaction in Chinese certified by Overseas Office or domestic public notary enclosed.

Tando she is planning to buy a house or flat in taiwan but she want to use her name on it is possible?coz she dont want under the name of her brother