Can an employer retract offer because of health issues?

If you get offered a job, and they tell you to bring a health check on your first day, but the health check has issues, can they retract your job offer and not hire you?

Not a teaching job btw. Regular tech company.

unless the contract stipulates that , or the job has a specific physical requirement(e.g. a pilot must have a clean bill of health ) I dont think so.

Why are they asking for a health check?

Thats a super messy grey area i think. For example i never hire smokers, ever. I even must let someone go if they smoke on our lands. For us its because of the virus in tobacco plants spreading to other species. But people have gotten upset being denied work based on smoking.

I am very curious the actual laws on this as well.

Theoretically the employer would be allowed to hire the person they need…but i doubt that is possible in this time.

Labor bureau requirement apparently.

You talking about the health check where they check for HIV and stuff?

Is that really a thing? Just curious.

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I’m actually wondering, is taiwan at will employment? If so they can fire you for any or no reason at all.



With the Labor Standards Act, no. Without it, if there’s no other law standing in the way, it depends on the contract.

Employment Service Act Art. 5 mentions no discrimination based on blood type or “disability” (身心障礙).

Yes, plant pthogens are pretty real and a HUGE cost to the consumer! We dont hire smokers due to TMV. We have lost entire farms to it after cuatomers that smoked came and started going through everything.

I am all for freedom off the clock, but on the clock isn’t the same.