Can anyone recommend a 3D printer service in Taipei?

This. Some of the people who work there speak English, but the main guy doesn’t. Good quality, he really knows how to calibrate and tune his printers.

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3d printing is 3d printing, and not necessarily prototyping. Whether it’s suitable for your needs or not depends on what you’re trying to do, and the materials and equipment you’re using.

Hello! Sirius Industries here. I can do 3D printing mostly for miniatures & figurines, but I can also do personal projects, prototyping/ designs, and also print STLs on demand. Feel free to message me if you have anything you need printed or even to get a quote.


Hello everyone, Sirius Industries here. We’re running a flash sale in the shop until Sunday March 21, 2021 midnight. You can get 10 miniatures (price 250 ntd or under) for NTD 1000.

You can find our shop catalog here:


Does anyone has any update of a new place to get 3d printing done ? Sirius hs stopped their service now

I know some people that make jewelry and use them. I’ll ask if they’ll take clients. I doubt it though because they are unbelievably busy.

5th storey, Guanghua. Northeast corner.

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Not Taiwan but I believe Xometry offers 3D printing services.

I understand dental clinics use 3D printing for implant planning. I wonder if there might be a way to ask for help through them - they can’t be using them all the time

Hi, I just started a 3D printing service.

Feel free to message me and I can help you with your prints!

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If you have to pay 60 K NT$ to rent a ‘closet’ store space in one of the building pillars.