Can anyone recommend a 3D printer service in Taipei?

I would like to print out this Echo Show stand for my mother-in-law

I have found similar items on eBay for about US$ 10 + $20 shipping to Taiwan. Since this file is free to download, I am hoping it would be cheaper to have someone here print it out for me. Does anyone have any favorite 3D printing service providers?

search Facebook for sirius industries. they do 3d figurines for role playing games, perhaps they can print for you for a fee .


Thank you!

@Celeborn did you get it printed there? I’m looking to get a couple things printed and was wondering how it turned out and the cost?

The item I found at the top would cost me NT$ 1,000 on e-Bay (including shipping). Sirius Industries offered to print it for me for NT$ 750. They seem to be English speakers, so that’s a big plus for me :slight_smile:

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yes, they speak English and the guy is very straightforward and nice.

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5th storey on Guanghua. they’re really nice. give the file and they will do it. many times as low as $100. Easy to spot as its full of 3D printers and prototypes

Ask for a quote!


The first good thing I’ve ever heard about Guanghua… Never had a good experience there. Lots of scams, and overpriced products.

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Never had a scam there. Been goin almost weekly for 7 years. Several stores know me.

Maybe we’re goin to different stores?


When I say scam what I mean is stores selling products for twice what they go for anywhere else. I lived right next to it, in one of those really old and dirty buildings for about two years. I’m sure the printing place you mentioned is fine, but Guanghua in general is to be taken with caution.

What were you buying? Curious.

I’ve bought hundreds of small things from there because I didn’t want to wait a couple of days to order online and didn’t have time to look elsewhere. Tried to build a computer there a few years ago but was a rip off so ended up going elsewhere. The problem is that most shops there don’t write prices on products and will give you a higher price if they know you are in need of that item, or look like your willing to pay that much.

Every price for components is on their site. O_o


And prices for many components are on very big signs in front of the stores.

Guanghua isn’t one store, its a building with lots of floors.

Thats what i mean.

Each store has websites mostly or prices on big signs out front.

Coolpc and autobuy are two big ones there.

Go into the shops selling small items like cables, you’ll understand what I mean. After you ask the price for something, get a Taiwanese friend to go in and ask the price for the same product. Light and day, I promise you. Me and my wife did this recently when buying an Android TV box. In the end we ordered online for half the price.

Yea. Cables and accessories can vary in price. Just go to the shops with stickers on the products. There is also Liangxing and Syang Chang. Both big stores with good prices. Syang Chang knows me too.

I think we’re goin to different stores.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up having my things printed there for a decent price. The parts turned out lovely as well. I just wish they offered other types of filament. They only offer pla, which wasn’t strong enough for my part and it ended up breaking after a month of use. Not their fault though.

Whoops - 750 was an estimate. Actual price is NT$600 :smile:

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actually 3D printing is called “rapid prototyping”. It’s great for making a prototype of an object you are designing but not so much for making usable part unless it’s very low stress. Plus it takes forever.