Can I cancel my work permit?

I was offered a job but have decided against taking it for a number of reasons. However, they had already applied for my work permit and it was approved. They are refusing to cancel the work permit unless I pay them a large sum of money (for the cost of the broker) even though I am not legally obliged to as I have not signed anything that says so. I have another prospective employer who will not go ahead with applying for a work permit unless this one is cancelled.

Can anyone advise?

Thank you so much.

I’d contact the Labor Ministry and explain the problem. I have a feeling they’ll be eager to cancel it if you do so. Mentioning that you intend to do so will presumably be enough if I’m right in thinking that they can’t do that.

You signed a contract in order to get your work permit. Do you have a copy of the contract? Is there a penalty for breaking the contract early?

I had to sign a preliminary contract to start the application process but it was very basic with name, job description, salary and employment dates – nothing about an exiting fee or breaking the contract. I had not yet signed the ‘proper’ contract with the employer.

The employer is refusing to cancel the work permit and the ministry of labor said that both parties must agree.