Can I change over visa while in the Taiwan cession?

i am going to study first on an extendable vistor’s visa… intend to find teaching work when I am there in the Taiwan cession and then organize a work permit/ARC… can someone just tell me that this IS possible… I am having doubts! :? :

There is a thread about this somewhere in this forum, try to use the search function.

I came here with a non-extendable visa which was good only for 2 weeks. The company managed to get me the necessary visa and the ARC sometimes after my visitor visa had expired.

thanks! does this mean that i will have to go to HK to actually change it though??

I dunno if this works for your case as I came here to work, not to study first. The company advised me to apply for a visitor visa and to have it changed over here to make is less time-consuming. No, I didn’t have to leave Taipei and I had everything ready after overstaying for about a week or so.

I believe everyone has different stories, and my experience above doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Maybe Mr. Hartzell can help you more on this.