Can I do anything else?

Is there anyway to be anything other than an English Teacher and stay in Asia? This industry is getting a little old after four years.

Well, the question is; can you do anything else? What skills do you have that somebody will pay you for, over a Taiwanese person? You don’t give us any information.

There are a kabillion threads on this.

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  • Dan2006 Gushan Taiwan

If there are a kabillion posts on this, I’ll check it out. Since I can’t speak Chinese I think things are going to be pretty limited though. I can do just about anything with a computer (I use linux mainly.) And then there’s the usual stuff many, many people can do with their native language: edit, write, desktop publishing. There’s also art (one of my majors): computer or physical.

I like most of the kids, and would like to keep them in my life, I’m just tired of being dependant on ARCs and the politics and policies of school administrations.

Thanks for your replies. As far as sitting in front of my computer running some business… I prefer interacting with people: especially the little ones.


ROC citizenship is what you need in that case. Its the only way you can be resident here without an ARC. There are threads about that, too.

Yeah, I’ve read a few of those posts… seems you need a girl to marry… can I simply buy one somewhere and skip all the other hassles? :astonished:

Read them again. You’ve totally misunderstood.

You don’t need citizenship, just the permanent ARC. You can usually start to apply for that after paying 5 years continuous tax receipts. No need for wife hunting or cliff-top sentry duty :slight_smile:

Be a model

Any webskills? =) webdesigner

English sales representative

I am a taiwanese lawyer. One day an American asked me to edit a contract related to “travel medicine”. I believe “travel medicine” is a great idea for an American to start his international business. As treatment or surgery is very expensive in America or some other countries, but it is relatively cheap in Taiwan. Medicine of Taiwanese Hospital is very eminent in the world but relatively not expensive. I am thinking if there is anyone intends to do this job. Maybe I can be involve with this business and provide my legal assistance together with my understanding with this state, and you can sale this good idea to patients in your countries.

Eh? Did you mean to say this?

Linux is dead anyway so wasting your time there!!! Microsoft rocks!!! Learn how to use Excel, they love Excel here. Used for everything from shopping lists to top level project management… :smiley:

Use your major course of expertise to find a niche market in teaching. This has worked well for me and, other than enough hours of teaching to keep my ARC (14 per week), I am as busy as I want to be doing what I love. That is teaching in my area of expertise. Find a few students and offer to pay a 10% student finders fee for new students. If you are good, you will have no problem doing what you love and still have lots of time to enjoy your stay or residency here. Word gets around quickly. Keep it low key and have some fun.