Can I drive a manual transmission motorcycle with an ordinary motorcycle license?

I’ve gotten a driver license of ordinary heavy-duty motorcycle (普通重型機器) today. And I used an automatic transmission motorcycle for the exam.

Is it also possible that I drive a manual transmission motorcycle under 250cc displacement with my license?

According to this, you can drive a “light motorcycle”

已領有普通重型機器腳踏車駕駛執照者,得駕駛普通重型機器腳踏車、輕型機 器腳踏車。

I don’t see any reference to transmission types and can’t imagine there would be.

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Yeah it’s fine.

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It is possible, although it makes no sense.
But it’s Taiwan, so…


@tempogain Thank you.
@RickRoll Hahaha you are right.
@unhelpfulmoth Thank you!


I gather that’s light in the sense that it carries people and not goods, like light and heavy rail?

I can’t ride a motorbike at all, why am I here?