Can I enter Taiwan with only resident visa and no OEC? (PH)

I already have a resident visa. No ARC and OEC yet. I am newly hired and first time to work abroad.
While scrolling through MECO, I have read that you can process your OEC there.
So, can I enter Taiwan with only the resident visa, without the hassle of going to POEA to process for OEC?

What is an OEC?

Overseas Worker’s certificate

I think you need it to leave Philippines, not to enter taiwan. And OEC at MECO isn’t for returning workers to their previous employers?

I don’t know Philippines regulations well, so you may want to contact some authorities

MECO site says

MECO on the other hand verifies the employment documents and issues the Overseas Workers’ Certificate (OEC) and the OWWA Certificate of Coverage (OCOC) to Filipino workers returning to the same employer processed under the SHPT.

You need to get a PDOS certificate from POEA if the purpose of your resident visa is to convert it to an ARC and work here. Philippine immigration will check this, Taiwan immigration won’t. But just because Taiwan immigration won’t check it doesn’t mean it’s not important. You won’t be allowed to leave the Philippines, most likely, without a PDOS certificate.

You need an OEC if you are a returning worker to Taiwan. The Philippine immigration officers would check it. Taiwan immigration does not. Same thing as above.

Also, can you please do us legal Filipinos here a favor and try not to skirt the law because it’s inconvenient? If we were able to do it, so can you, SO SHOULD YOU.